Cyrill Gross

In a 20 year journey from electronics to martech, Cyrill Gross has gained a deep understanding of technology, processes and users. Combined with the passion for innovation and out of the box thinking this provides the ability to build solutions others don’t think of first hand. One innovative outcome of this mindset are interactive emails that brings an entirely new user experience directly to the inbox, leveraging email from a simple traffic driver to an interactive tool for user engagement.

Kevin Steba

Kevin Steba is oprichter van SEINō Email Analytics. Hij is al ruim 20 jaar actief in de wereld van online media en onderbouwt zijn lezingen met praktische voorbeelden en een vleugje humor.

Henk-Frits Verkerk

Henk-Frits Verkerk is een van de oprichters van Sports Alliance. Sports Alliance levert een data management en fanmarketing platform aan (professionele) sportclubs over de hele wereld. Met meer dan 140+ clubs in 9 landen is Sports Alliance marktleider in deze bijzondere niche markt. Als Client Services Director is Henk-Frits verantwoordelijk voor de europese mark (excl. het VK). Daarnaast is hij ook de Data Protection Offer van Sports Alliance.

Daniëlle Nieuwhuis

Danielle Nieuwhuis has gained experience in the field of CRM over the past 5 years. She has worked for large fashion retailers such as Levi Strauss & Co. and currently at de Bijenkorf as Team Lead Email Marketing. She is experienced in starting up CRM and loyalty programs for both B2B and B2C as well as advancing mature email marketing strategies. Her expertise lies in international communication, as a result of living and working in multiple countries, speaking 5+ languages and having looked after the email marketing strategy for 40+ countries.