Nick Peng

Marjon Leggedoor

Marjon Leggedoor is werkzaam als Product Owner Online Brand & Phishing Protection binnen de security afdeling van ABN AMRO. Na 10+ jaar werkzaam in media & marketing, met een focus op owned media channels als e-mail. Heeft zij in 2019 de stap gemaakt naar de beveiliging van diezelfde communicatiekanalen.

Ferry Bol

Ferry found his Ikigai at UNICEF 4 years ago, working for children all over the world while becoming the expert lead on Marketing Automation within the organization. With a background in Marketing Research and (Product) Marketing in the commercial sector, he now is getting his geek on the combi of data, tech, customer journeys, neuromarketing and UX. At UNICEF Ferry focuses on providing the best possible donor journeys, mostly using email and direct mail.

Kait Creamer

Kait Creamer advocates for innovative and inclusive email marketing in and outside her work as Framer’s CRM Marketing Manager. 2019 Stefan Pollard Email Marketer of the Year award winner, she’s an expert and enthusiast in email, data, and marketing automation. She believes thoughtful design, clear communication, and human-first development can (and should) change the world for good.