Circa Amsterdam

Seineweg 2
1043 BG Amsterdam

The DDMA EMAS 2024 will take place in Circa in Amsterdam. Circa is an event location located at the exit of the A5 and A10 highways and just 900 meters from Sloterdijk Station. The iconic building has a long history. The design by the acclaimed American architect Richard Buckminster Fuller was introduced at the Montreal World Expo in 1967. The sphere construction with a fully self-supporting span of 60 meters in diameter was a scoop in the Netherlands in 1971 as the first geodesic dome in Europe. For a long time, the dome of Circa Amsterdam was the largest aluminum dome in the world.




Circa Amsterdam is easily accessible by car and is located directly at the exit of the A5 and A10 highways. Circa Amsterdam has 240 parking spaces on site.

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Public transport

Circa Amsterdam is only 900 meters away from Sloterdijk Train Station. More information will follow soon.