EMAS Awards

Battle of the Agencies

The Battle of the Agencies is back this year, and it’s not one to be missed! It’s a real showdown between agencies vying to create the ultimate email campaign. Each agency can apply by submitting a compelling motivation. Brabantia will then select three agencies from these submissions. These chosen agencies will compete to craft the most creative, effective, and customer-focused email. At EMAS 2024 on June 27th, all participating agencies will have the chance to showcase their designed emails to a packed audience of industry professionals. Afterwards, the winning email and agency will be revealed! Below, you’ll find the procedure, including a process description, submission criteria, and rules, along with the application form to submit your motivation.



Agency selection

Among all submissions, three agencies will be selected based on the pitch:

Step 1: Register your agency with a concise, impactful motivation. Clearly articulate why you believe your agency can achieve the best outcome for Brabantia. Please note that the deadline for submitting motivations is April 5th, 2024.

Step 2: The motivations will be assessed by Brabantia’s email marketing team. The top three pitches will proceed to the battle. Note: motivations will be evaluated anonymously!


The nominated agencies will undergo the following process:

Step 1: Brabantia will compose a briefing covering campaign, content, proposition, branding, writing style, etc.

Step 2: Subsequently, the three agencies will develop an email based on this identical briefing.

Step 3: Brabantia will assess the email based on criteria including design, branding, presentation, and of course, effectiveness.


  • The nominated agencies will submit one HTML email to Brabantia, which may include dynamic content as outlined in the briefing.
  • The target audience for all emails is uniform and will be selected by Brabantia.
  • Brabantia will handle the delivery using its own systems.
  • All communications will be sent simultaneously by Brabantia.
  • Brabantia will measure the results.

*If the provided email does not comply with the rules, Brabantia reserves the right to refrain from sending the email at any time.


The sent emails will be assessed by Brabantia based on the following metrics:

  • KPIs: Conversion rate, view rate, click-to-open rate, unsubscribe rate, evaluation of creativity and originality (by Brabantia’s Email Marketing Team).
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances not specified in the rules, Brabantia, in consultation with the DDMA and the associated Email Committee, will make a decision.

On June 27th, during the DDMA Email Marketing Automation Summit (EMAS), the three agencies will compete for the prize. Each will deliver an engaging pitch (8 to 10 minutes) explaining their approach, rationale behind their choices, and the appearance of their campaign.


Registration for the Battle of the Agencies has closed.


Questions? Please contact Merel de Koning:

Email: evenementen@ddma.nl
Phone: 06 42016010