Conversion Boost With Interactive Email

Cyrill Gross

14:30 - 15:05

How would it be to add choose the color and size of your favorite sneaker in the email and order it right from the inbox? To complete a survey in the email without waiting for the landing page to load? To give product rating and feedback in your inbox? To comment on a quote and signing it off right in the email app on your smartphone? Configure your dream car. Combine your meal to order for home delivery and many more.
Sounds like fiction? It isn’t. Modern email clients on desktop, tablet and smartphones allows email functionality beyond static content display and redirect to a website. Interactive elements deliver a new level of user experience to the users inbox and lead to significant performance boost. Combine AMP4Email with HTML5/CSS3 and Adaptive Cards for Outlook to deliver interactivity to 80%+ of your recipients. Cyrill Gross will demonstrate real life use cases that integrate with your marketing strategy with ease.

Cyrill Gross

Lead Developer, Consultant, PartnerMailix by Mayoris AG

In a 20 year journey from electronics to martech, Cyrill Gross has gained a deep understanding of technology, processes and users. Combined with the passion for innovation and out of the box thinking this provides the ability to build solutions others don’t think of first hand. One innovative outcome of this mindset are interactive emails that brings an entirely new user experience directly to the inbox, leveraging email from a simple traffic driver to an interactive tool for user engagement.