Melanie Kinney – The (Black)List that Must Not Be Named

Melanie Kinney

The (Black)List that Must Not Be Named

Blacklisted. The word alone is ominous and intimidating. 

Who does that even happen to? It’s probably companies that batch and blast their lists 5, 6 times a week. 

It’s never going to happen to you.. and then it does. 

I was part of a brand that got blacklisted and I had no idea what to do. During my talk, I will discuss what it means to be blacklisted, what we did when it happened, and what we learned to avoid it happening again.


Melanie Kinney

Marketing ManagerMightier

Melanie is a marketer with an unconventional background. To start her career, she was a digital designer working on everything from emails to websites. Her passion for learning led to becoming a front-end developer. Years later, an interest in strategic thinking led to a career in marketing. 

Today, Melanie is a Marketing Manager at Mightier, a Boston-based company that helps kids learn emotional regulation skills through biofeedback video games.