The Secret of Persuasive Copywriting

Christ Coolen

14:55 - 15:25

What is the most underrated marketingskill of 2022? Answer: copywriting! Because copywriting is “selling with a keyboard”.
Marketers love to dive into the latest trends. But what is marketing really about? It’s about persuading people. And copywriting is your most powerful tool for persuading people.

Copywriting makes people curious.
Copywriting drives people to action.
Copywriting ensures growth, turnover and profit.

Christ reveals the secret of Persuasive Copywriting in his story. With small adjustments you will achieve more results tomorrow!

Christ Coolen

OwnerChrist Coolen Publishing & Training

Christ Coolen is an experienced Marketing Manager in both B2B and B2C. He is a specialist in marketing, psychology and behavioral science. He currently works as an independent marketing trainer. You might know him from his very recognizable marketing-slideshows on LinkedIn, or from his newsletter (“de leukste nieuwsbrief over marketing(psychologie”)’.