Track & Trace in the world of charity

Ferry Bol

Market standards are being raised every day, and even NGO’s has to keep up with the expectations of our donors. Knowing that ‘Showing impact of your donation’ is #1 need from your donors, how can we supply to that need adapting to one of the most common services known to day: Track & Trace. Using techniques as design thinking, storytelling, dynamic content, data driven journeys and constant optimizing we built a very successful end-of-year campaign… two years in a row…


Ferry Bol

Expertise Lead Marketing Automation and E-mailUNICEF Nederland

Ferry found his Ikigai at UNICEF 4 years ago, working for children all over the world while becoming the expert lead on Marketing Automation within the organization. With a background in Marketing Research and (Product) Marketing in the commercial sector, he now is getting his geek on the combi of data, tech, customer journeys, neuromarketing and UX. At UNICEF Ferry focuses on providing the best possible donor journeys, mostly using email and direct mail.