Understanding the Future of Marketing Automation: Data, Technology and People Interaction

Odd Morten Sørensen

15:25 - 16:00

Explore the future world of marketing automation, where the combination of data, technology and human interaction plays a key role. Odd Morten Sørensen brings 20 years of rich experience in marketing and technology, shaping what is today known as the world of MarTech.

Odd Morten offers a distinctive viewpoint on utilizing data and technology in organisations while also paying close attention to human elements. He not just focuses on creativity but also emphasizes the importance of structuring processes and enhancing the skills of individuals who implement these strategies.

Recognized as a leading MarTech evangelist not only in Norway but globally, Odd Morten’s passion and forward-looking perspective on marketing automation are both motivating and practical. He will share his thoughts on how organisations can better design their marketing strategies in an ever-evolving landscape, utilizing superior data and the latest technologies.

The presentation will also cover the significance of marketing operations (MOps), providing a space for marketers to achieve outcomes and promote ongoing advancement in their organizations and for themselves. Through his new initiative, PlayMOps (https://playmops.io/), Odd Morten aims to further assist organisations in maximising their marketing automation capabilities.

Join this session to receive valuable insights from an industry expert and understand how to prepare your organization for the future dynamics of marketing automation.

Odd Morten Sørensen

Marketing Operations SpecialistPlayMOps.io