Expert Panel: You are sending Emails: Check. And are they reaching your Audience?

Jakub Olexa & Lars Sandbergen & Beata Linz & Odd Morten Sørensen

14:30 - 15:05

How can organizations improve their email deliverability rates and avoid being marked as spam? What are the latest trends in email authentication? What can brands do against bots, and their interactions causing incorrect data in their reporting?

Today’s marketers have to gain more and more technical knowledge in order to land their Emails in the Inbox, get in front of the right audience, and be able to report with accurate data on their email performance. In this expert panel we will be covering the most evolving technical challenges from email deliverability, domain security and non-human interactions (bots).

Jakub Olexa

Founder & CEOMailkit

Lars Sandbergen

Sales DirectorDMARC Advisor

Beata Linz

Global CRM Director and Consultant GlobalBeata Linz Consultancy | Adbirds

Beata Linz is a consultant for Brand, Digital and Email Marketing with 15 years of experience.

She worked for Nike for 10 years, where she grew Email Marketing from scratch to a substantial channel in EMEA. She expanded her expertise in wider Digital Marketing, and has been an advocate of consistent and seamless cross-channel messaging ever since.

After 10 years, Beata decided to “go solo” and start her own consultancy to help brands reach their goals and their consumers in a meaningful way via Digital Marketing and CRM.

Since 2020 Beata is also the Global CRM Director at Adbirds, a leading Global Digital Performance Marketing Agency by former Google and Facebook employees. Together with a best-in-class team Beata has expanded their capabilities throughout CRM and Email Marketing, and enabled their clients, leading multinational organizations, through these channels.

Outside of consulting, Beata has a strong passion for giving back. Firstly, she supports brands with a good cause* to thrive online via Digital Marketing and CRM.

Furthermore, early in 2022 she founded a collective, “Moms in Marketing”. Many need or want to take a career break to care for their families, and when they try to reenter the job market, the workforce as they knew it has changed: they face challenges from hiring organizations, their knowledge is outdated and they have low self esteem finding themselves at a loss for where to start.

It is the collective’s vision to help mothers or such individuals find their passion again, expand their knowledge and skills, and work on real projects on a freelance basis when they have time. This allows them to build the balance between family and professional life, rebuild self-confidence and, no less important, regain their financial independence. All the while organizations win with having the hardest working marketing pros on their projects.

Odd Morten Sørensen

Marketing Operations