The Marketing Automation Journey of Claro Carwash

20 June 2024


In the dynamic world of digital marketing, Claro Carwash has positioned itself as a leading player in the Benelux carwash industry. The company’s ambition is clear: to become the premium carwash service provider in the region. To achieve this, Claro Carwash has partnered with 100procent (part of United Playgrounds), leveraging their expertise in marketing automation to enhance customer engagement and drive growth. This article narrates the story of this transformative journey, as presented by Martijn van Asten, a seasoned marketing technologist at 100procent, with the help of Actito.

This article is written by Martijn van Asten, Marketing Technologist at 100procent, in collaboration with Actito, one of this year’s sponsors of the DDMA Email Marketing Automation Summit. Tickets are available at:

The Vision and Initial Challenges

Setting the Stage

Let us first highlight the strategic pillars that were uses to drive results: strategy, data, creation, and technology. These elements, when harmoniously integrated, can deliver omnichannel personalization across all customer touchpoints.

Claro Carwash: The Beginning

Claro Carwash, with over 15 locations, approached 100procent in early 2023. They were looking for a partner to help them set up a top-tier marketing automation system. The initial discussions quickly revealed that the challenges were broader than anticipated. Claro Carwash was dealing with fragmented data, manual email processes, and a lack of personalization.

The Partnership and Strategic Implementation

Understanding the Scope

The collaboration began with a comprehensive analysis of Claro Carwash’s existing systems and processes. This included their use of license plate recognition cameras, multiple point-of-sale systems, and various databases that were not centrally managed. The goal was to create a seamless, omnichannel marketing strategy that could utilize all available customer data effectively and find the appropriate tool that could centralise and activate all that data.

The New Website Launch

One of the early successes of the partnership was the launch of Claro Carwash’s new website by LiveWall, also part of United Playgrounds. This new website not only reflected the updated branding of Claro Carwash but also served as a foundation for future marketing activities. The design was carried over to their email communications, ensuring brand consistency across channels.

Overcoming Challenges

Data Integration and Personalization

A major hurdle was the lack of available data and the manual nature of the email processes. To address this, Claro Carwash implemented a robust data collection and management strategy. This involved using data from various sources, including license plate recognition and third-party data from RDW (the Netherlands Vehicle Authority), to create detailed customer profiles.

Creating a Centralized Data Hub

Centralizing data was crucial for the success of the marketing automation strategy. By consolidating data into a single repository, Claro Carwash could achieve a unified customer view, essential for personalized marketing efforts. This platform grouping strategy enabled Claro Carwash to transition from a fragmented system to an integrated marketing automation platform.

The Ideal Martech Setup

The Centralized Approach

The ideal Martech setup for Claro Carwash includes the central storage of data, integration of various customer touchpoints (web, email, social, app, print, and onsite), and the development of a custom voucher system. This system allowed for real-time validation of coupons, enhancing the customer experience and driving loyalty towards the Claro Carwash brand.

Achieving Omnichannel Marketing

The goal was to reach customers through their preferred communication channels, creating a seamless and engaging customer journey. By leveraging the centralized data hub from Actito, Claro Carwash could deliver personalized messages and offers, significantly improving customer engagement and satisfaction.

Results and Future Prospects

Early Successes

The initial results of this comprehensive marketing automation strategy have been promising. Claro Carwash has seen improvements in customer engagement and operational efficiency. The custom voucher system has been a hit, allowing for real-time, personalized interactions with customers.

Looking Ahead

Claro Carwash aims to continue its growth trajectory, with plans to expand its services and further refine its marketing strategies. The partnership with 100procent and Actito is expected to play a pivotal role in this journey, driving innovation and excellence in customer engagement.


The story of Claro Carwash and 100procent is a testament to the power of strategic marketing automation. By overcoming initial challenges and leveraging a centralized data approach, Claro Carwash has set a new standard in the carwash industry. This partnership highlights the importance of integrating strategy, data, creation, and technology to achieve remarkable business outcomes.


Martijn van AstenMartijn van Asten
Marketing Technologist |
| 100procent